Data-ingestion as a service.

We build custom AI solutions for the financial industry.

We build LLM products for institutional investors.

Our customers include hedge funds, private equity firms, family offices.


Case study

Private AI Document Query

Many financial professionals want to utilize AI but need to ensure their data is not trained on, leaked, or exposed. LLG provides open-source AI models that can be deployed and run entirely for them, ensuring no data leakage.


Case study

Charlie's Checklist

Inspired by Charlie Munger's writings, Charlie's Checklist is an app that allows you to memorialize your investment checklist, offload research to an AI agent, and learn.

Value - We help you drive alpha

You know your customer, your business, your industry. We pair your wisdom with AI agents.

  • Privacy. We keep your data private (i.e., we do not share with other AI companies)
  • Easy to use. Customers can interact with the data using our LLM powered chatbot.
  • Structured data. Our LLM identifies important information, lets users structure data, and accelerate and automate work and diligence.
  • Your wisdom combined with the latest AI. We believe AI is best when paired with human wisdom, and AI does the boring stuff.

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